PCLife store offers quality computers and servers at affordable prices. Here you can find products from world-renowned market leaders such as HP, Fujitsu, Apple, Lenovo, Dell, etc. Our priority is to offer you the highest quality equipment at the lowest possible prices and to make it easier for you to choose the product you want. Each of the items we offer is described in detail and presented in our online catalog. Thanks to this, you can quickly and easily find out about the characteristics of your chosen product and compare it to others. Our gallery of photos for each of our products allows you to see in detail all its parts, and when choosing a computer – a view inside the computer case. This provides great convenience in choosing a quality computer system that you can be sure will work well for you.


Each of the computers and servers we offer is sold with a standard 6-month warranty. Also, if you wish, there is an option to extend this warranty for another 6 months. Other extras that you can choose from your order are the replacement of the hard disk with a larger one or an SSD drive and the installation of a licensed MS Windows operating system. You can also buy some of the goods we offer on lease. Use the section on the left of our page to set the parameters you want: price, manufacturer, model, processor, memory, hard drive, video card and case type. There, you can also find out which are the best-selling products in your chosen category. We also offer individual hardware components for upgrade or repair, such as various types of motherboards, hard drives, memories, video cards, as well as computer peripherals - keyboards, mice, cables, etc. You can buy your chosen product on site in our stores in Plovdiv or to order online through our website. For maximum customer convenience, we offer free delivery within 24 hours and the ability to return the item within 14 days of receipt. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!